We make supplier management  simple 

 ✓   One point of entry for all your suppliers

 ✓   Single source of truth for all your supplier information

 ✓   Complete visibility of your suppliers' compliance

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It's all about relationships

Your supplier relationships are key to unlocking new innovations, cost-savings, and your diversity and ESG commitments.

Our platform removes the administrative burden of supplier information and compliance management, so you can focus on maximising the value of your supplier relationships.

  Total confidence   in supplier compliance

Our platform creates a single source of truth for your supplier data,

so you have full confidence in the information used to make decisions


Single point of entry for all your suppliers

Our onboarding engine adapts to each business situation, allowing for speedy assessments of low risk suppliers while ensuring higher risk suppliers undergo more stringent compliance verification


All your supplier data in one place

One master record, kept up-to-date by your suppliers and downstream systems, ensuring your buyers have complete confidence they are selecting the best supplier for the job


Safeguards against non-compliance

Our platform immediately notifies you of supplier incidents or non-compliant activity, automatically triggering remedial actions and alerting your other business systems

What our customers have  achieved 


of spend with suppliers known to be compliant


improvement in supplier
compliance within 3 months


to respond to major
supply chain disruption

Trusted by the biggest
supplier-driven organisations

“We have migrated from seven separate pools of supplier data and have  eliminated a number of expensive systems  and processes.”

 CPO, International construction business 

Integrates with your business systems

As the master data aggregator of your supplier information, our platform gives you complete flexibility to pull data from external sources and exchange insights with your existing business systems


Automation saves time, cost & disruption

Our rules-based approach makes it quick and easy to keep tabs on all your suppliers, removing the need for endless administration by directing you to the issues that require your attention

Be specific about compliance

Your compliance criteria may vary at a local level, which is why our platform enables you to quickly verify suppliers for the specific countries, categories, sites and buildings where they work, right down to the individuals who visit you on-site


Our  award-winning  platform configured for your business

We've spent the past 20 years simplifying supplier management for some of the world's biggest supplier-driven organisations

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Vendor Master Record

Rules-Based Onboarding Engine

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Analytics and Reporting

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