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Our customers, in their own words

Ensuring compliance

“We’re now able to automatically limit only compliant suppliers to quote for the work, which is particularly important for our gas and high-voltage electricity suppliers who have to comply with many and varied national legal requirements.”


“After one of our Indian competitors suffered a fatal accident due to illegal work carried out by a subcontractor, we are now able to manage our local suppliers directly, helping to prevent subcontracting to non-compliant suppliers.”

Improving operational efficiency

“Although we had strategically agreed terms and conditions with many suppliers, the actual terms listed in the small print on the reverse of supplier invoices bore little relation to our agreements. This left us vulnerable to interpretation in the event of disputes.


Through the on-boarding process, our suppliers now have to agree to our terms and conditions on entry. As a result the number of invoices under query each month has fallen by over 80%.”

Improving supplier selection

“I no longer have to deal with buyers throughout the business asking me to on-board one of their favoured suppliers because they cannot make the effort to find an existing supplier perfectly capable of dealing with their requirement.

The system saves me so much time,

and many difficult conversations.”

Building agility

“When a major construction company announced it was going into liquidation, we were able to respond within 30 minutes by determining which suppliers were most at risk and taking action to contact those suppliers individually to ensure continuity of supply.”

Working with SMEs

“We actively choose to not consolidate our spend with our larger suppliers and prefer to maintain a healthy base of SMEs in local markets. It’s now far easier to manage all our smaller suppliers and puts decision making back in the hands of the local teams.”


Working with onsite contractors

“We went into this process with a requirement to manage our suppliers in a more professional manner. We now realise the real benefit is our reduction in risk. We had little realisation of just what great risks we were previously taking, particularly with third party contractors working on client sites on our behalf without full checks and insurance being proven to be in place.”

Creating a trusted dataset

“We have migrated from seven disparate data pools of supplier data to three and are looking to consolidate further. We have eliminated a number of expensive systems and processes.”


“We started this process with over 12,000 suppliers listed in our ERP system. After going through the process we discovered that over 3,000 were either duplicates or suppliers we no longer used. Eliminating them has given our buyers confidence that each supplier listed is viable, compliant and available for selection.”

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Over the years, we have enabled our customers to become leaders in their fields, winning awards and gaining us recognition within the industry

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