Imagine being able to make the best supply chain decisions,
 every time 

Supplier selection shouldn't be a guessing game!


We're here to help you make the best possible decisions for your supply chain.

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Your entire supply chain, at your fingertips

  • Access all your suppliers through a single platform, so you can assess their capabilities before asking to onboard someone new

  • Quickly and easily compare suppliers against your desired criteria so you can make the best sourcing decision, including risk, performance, ESG and diversity ratings

  • Integrates with your other business systems to ensure you have all the information you need to make the best sourcing decision


Actively promote positive sourcing behaviour

  • Define business rules to steer buying decisions towards those suppliers who best fit your strategic objectives, such as your diversity goals or ESG targets

  • Automatically promote suppliers with better performance, lower risk, higher compliance or 'Preferred Supplier' status

  • Ensure you only engage suppliers who are fully compliant and meet your risk parameters


Engage suppliers with confidence and ease

  • Issue tenders and access product catalogues from inside the platform, so you can quickly compare quotes from a wide range of suppliers

  • Onboard new suppliers with ease using a rules-based question engine delivers a tailored experience appropriate to the supplier's risk profile

  • Manage supplier NDAs and other documentation with ease, giving you a complete audit trail of any changes to the supplier profile

  Single source of truth  for all your
supplier information

 Fully configurable 

to fit your business processes and compliance requirements


with your other business systems and third party data sources


localising the platform for your international suppliers and staff